SEA TRANSPORTS – Bankruptcy of Hanjin Lines

SEA TRANSPORTS – Bankruptcy of Hanjin Lines  

Dear Customer,
most obviously, you have been informed via the international news that Hanjin Shipping Lines stopped their services as a consequence of their bankruptcy.

We, Chemogas Belgium, like to inform you that from our side, we closely follow the presently ongoing situation as well, and we consider it our obligation to share this information with you in an early stage.
Your kind reactions will be most appreciated, thanks in advance.

With immediate effect, our international supplies are going to be re-directed to safe shipping companies, who from their side informed us, that we need to keep very close communication, in order to enable them to reserve shipping space in an early stage.
Chemogas will act accordingly.

Therefore, we address ourselves with our kind request to you to support us with important information input from your side, which will help us to overcome the next few months until the fall off of Hanjin shall be absorbed by the other service providing shipping companies.

May we kindly ask you:

  • to book your ongoing demand very early with us (please anticipate your demand for the upcoming period and revert to us)
  • to return any empty packaging to us as early as possible
  • to try to only use safe shipping companies (for picking up goods from Chemogas, or to return empty packaging to us)
  • to stay in very close communication with us for your demand
  • to please let us know if you estimate even growing demand, wherefore Chemogas would be needing to inject extra packaging for you
  • to enable us to book shipping space even much earlier than we used to in the past until now (shipping space is becoming short due to high demand)

There is no doubt that Chemogas will be staying in close contact with you.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Any news you will hear regarding this issue, can be send to one of our colleagues – please contact us as follows:

Thanks a lot in advance for the very good cooperation with you and your esteemed company.

Best regards,
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dirk Battig & the entire Chemogas TEAM
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (VWA)
Permanent Representative Elbaco BVBA

Head of Procurement & Logistics
Chemogas N.V.