Mission Statement


At Balchem, we are committed to making the world a healthier place by delivering trusted, innovative, and science-based solutions to the nutrition, health, and food markets. We provide the service, quality, and technology that enables our customers to win with their customers. We have built a reputation for delivering results to all of our stakeholders. Balchem solves today’s challenges to shape a healthier tomorrow. Balchem has following core values :


1) Always Doing the Right Thing

In every decision we are committed to doing what is in the best interest of our employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. We are inclusive, treat others with respect, and lead by example. We take responsibility for our own personal safety as well as the safety of our colleagues. We follow all established policies and applicable laws. Simply said, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

2) Thinking Big and Acting Small

We believe that better is always possible and that we can indeed make the world a healthier place. We encourage curiosity, diversity of thought, and “out of the box” thinking. We are open to new ideas and new ways of getting things done. Our aspirational mindset is essential to our future success. As we grow, we want to remember our entrepreneurial beginnings and retain the humility and agility that made us who we are today.

3) Staying Focused on the Customer

We recognize that without our customers we do not exist. We are united in helping our customers succeed, grow, and win in their markets.

4) Collaborating and Growing Together

We believe that collaboration is key to our success and that there is no time for building internal barriers. We are a team that supports one another and works well together to achieve common goals. Our collaborative environment fosters teamwork and drives growth. We understand that the success of our company requires a collective effort, resulting in opportunity and growth for all our employees and stakeholders.

5) Playing to Win

We strive to be successful in everything that we do. We are ambitious and determined in how we approach opportunities and have a sense of urgency to drive results. We believe that we will solve today’s challenges to shape a healthier tomorrow.


Balchem NV Grimbergen, Belgium

Balchem NV Grimbergen is a SEVESO upper tier company. Under all circumstances the safety of the personel

and the community has to be guaranteed. Balchem NV Grimbergen adopts the philosophy that focuses on the

prevention of major accidents where dangerous goods and substances are involved and on limiting and

minimizing the possible effects for people and environment. The execution of this prevention policy is assured by adhering to our Safety Management System.


By installing and promoting the below mentioned directives, Balchem NV Grimbergen continuoulsy improves the Safety, Health, and Environmental care :

  • The care for safety, Health and Environment forms an integral part of Balchem’s NV Grimbergen policy

    and has the highest level of priority on all aspects involved whilst conducting business.

  • The daily operations are carefully organized and have the aim to minimize the risks involved for people

    and environment which could lead to accidents.

  • Potential sources of accidents are defined and eliminated.

  • The necessary actions are taken in order to protect the environment, regardless whether legislation is in



Grimbergen-Belgium, June 2020.