Ethylene oxide - Chemogas nv acquires French Inventec`s global Ethylene oxide business

Chemogas nv, Belgium and Inventec SA, France agreed upon the acquisition of the global Ethylene oxide business by Chemogas.
Effective September 15, 2012 all existing customers will be contacted and are kindly invited to place their valued orders with Chemogas nv.

For a transition period of up to one year, Inventec will provide contract filling and blending services to Chemogas, ex their St-Priest-plant in France.
Consequently, the business will continue as the customers were used to.
For the period after the stop of the toll filling in France, Chemogas will offer extended services of storage and distribution in France.
We will inform about theses services in due time as well.

"With this major acquisition, Chemogas nv is very pleased to announce, that our global focus on Ethylene oxide within more than 45 countries has marked a new mile-stone, strenghtening our world-wide position as major EtO-supplier, to the benefit of all our existing and new customers, which we hereby like to welkcome" said Dirk Battig, General Manager Chemogas nv.