Applications per product & services list of Chemogas nv, Belgium

Ammonia (NH3) anhydrous:
Metal hardening (metallurgy - heat treatment of metals
Cooling agent – as natural refrigerant (substitute HFA`s)
Chemical Synthesis, e.g. fire suppression coatings
Lighting – LED-lights (high purity NH3 7.0 = 99,99999 % purity
Production bullet proof jackets
“Bulk-to-packed”-solutions-Services (contract filling services):
Chemogas is specialized in transfilling of chemical gases and liquids from bulk to packed recipients
Carbon monoxide (CO):
Chemical Synthesis
Poison catalyst in petrochemical (stop reaction)
Chlorine (Cl2):
Chemical Synthesis
Water treatment (drink water, public / private swimming pools)
Aluminium degasing
Dimethyl amine (DMA):
Pharma industry – API = Active Pharma Ingredient
Life Science – intermediate synthesis ingredient
Chemical / agro-chemical industry - herbicides, pesticides
Engineering services:
Gases industry – design, construction and supplies of gas filling stations
Ethylene oxide (EtO) and mixtures EtO/CO2:
Medical Devices industry – sterilization (“cold sterilization) of medical devices (pure EtO, as mixture EtO with Carbon Dioxide)
Ethylene (C2H4):
Cutting of metals
Chemical Synthesis
Banana riping (Mixture 4 % - 5.5 % C2H4 in Nitrogen)
Filling & blending stations services:
Design, construction and supplies of gas filling and blending stations
“Bulk to bulk” services:
Chemogas offers bulk to bulk trans filling services (on demand)
“Bulk break” services:
Chemogas takes over bulk break services (toll / contract filling services for third party customers for chemical gases and liquids).
Our “Multi-functional (MF) - filling and blending station” for bulk break services offers flexible filling and blending capacities, based on our customers’ requirements
“Bulk products”:
Chemogas sells and distributes chemical gases in bulk (isotank containers, tank cars) within Europe (and outside Europe on demand). We are pleased to receive your inquiries
semi-bulk loads e.g. up to 10.000 kg per load
packaged hydrocarbons, in gas cylinders, containers up to 4.500 ltr
Hydrogen chloride, anhydr. (HCL gas):
Chemical industry - Chemical Synthesis
Electronic Industry – etching process
Services: passivation of reactors and piping in petrochemical
Pharmaceutical industry – Pharma Synthesis- medicines, API`s = Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
ntermediate (on-site Chemogas Belgium) storage services in Grimbergen:
Safe and protected storage of chemical gases and liquids on site Chemogas, based on local storage licence, fenced and supervised area
Intermediate (on-site customers) intervention services:
Chemogas is specialized on intermediate on-site-customer-interventions, in function of customer requirements (on demand, taylor-made solutions)
Iso-butane (R 600 a):
Cooling agent – as natural refrigerant (substitute HFA`s), HFO`s)
Aerosols industry - in mixture with other hydrocarbons / HFA`s, HFO`s)
natural refrigerants:
substitutes to synthetic refrigerants (“F-gases”). We supply: Ammonia anhydrous (=R717), CO2, Ethene (=Ethylene), Isobutane (=R600a), Propane=R290), Propene (= Propylene R1270)
chemical industry
as natural refrigerant (substitute HFA`s, HFO`s)
Pentanes (N-Iso, Cyclo-):
Various industries, such as construction (e.g. isolation foam, OEM`s electric appliances, aerosols, chemical industry as intermediate..)
Propane (refrigerant grade) :
Cooling agent – as natural refrigerant (substitute HFA`s)
Chemical industry – chemically produces aromas
Cooling agent – as natural refrigerant (substitute HFA`s)
Metal industry – cutting gas (high temperatures 1.100 °C), as substitute for Acetylene, Propane/butane and “Mappgas” Construction industry - roofing
Propylene oxide (PO):
Chemical industry: Propoxylation processes
Food / Non-food starch industry - chemical modification of hydro propyl starch (e.g. Manioc-, Mais-, Potatoes-,Tapioca-starch…)
Paper industry: Pulp & Paper
Pharmaceutical industry: API = Active Pharma Ingredient, e.g. for Animal medicines
Refrigerants (fluorinated, synthetic):
F-gases, such as R 134a (on demand)
Regeneration services:
Reclamation / Regeneration of chemicals and refrigerants (including ratio-adjustments – on demand)
Chemogas offers taylor-made “semi-bulk”- supply solutions for chemical gases, door to door and in function of our customers` local demand. “Semi-bulk” comes in transport vehicles for chemical gases and liquids, with less-than-bulk-volumes.
Scrubbers (wet acid) :
Environment protection - chemical and pharmaceutical gas scrubbers for chemical transformation of residues to (biodegradable) waste
Sulphur dioxide (SO2):
Wine Industry – treatment of wine drums
Food Industry
Malt industry
Glass industry (floating glass)
Lamp industry (cutting glass)
Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) :
Insulation gas for electrical transformers / switch gears
Photovoltaic applications (energy out of light)
Chemogas takes over toll (contract) filling services for third party customers for chemical gases and liquids. Our “Multi-functional filling station for bulk break services offers flexible filling and blending capacities, based on our customers’ requirements.
Tri methyl amine: (TMA):
Food/Animal Food – chicken food additives
Pharmaceutical industry – animal medicines
Waste Treatment Services:
From “A-Z” take in of chemical waste gases (with exemption of biological-, nuclear- and war fare waste), including acceptance of gas packaging with unknown content, blocked valves, cross-border administration for license purpose, cylinders up to 50 ltr. water content being in critical state can be transported by emergency containers (on demand, several coating cylinders available)

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