Chemogas - the international chemical gases platform

Chemogas is the leading European supplier of packaged Ethylene oxide (ETO), mainly for use as an active substance for the sterilization of medical devices – with a global presence in more than 70 countries on all continents.
Next to Ethylene oxide, our company supplies many other packaged chemical gases, mainly for use within the chemical, agri-chemical and life-science industry.
Products, like anhydrous ammonia, anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas, hydrocarbons, methylamines, natural refrigerants, propylene, propylene oxide and SF6 belong to our product offerings – just to address the most prominent ones.

Our worldwide logistics- and partners network enables us to positively respond to the “follow the customer”-principle, which facilitates just-in-time product supplies to the applicants – often due to the proximitiy of such local depots to their own operations.

The Asia-Pacific region is being served through our branch Stereo Bhd., with headquarter, local filling, mixing and storage services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stereo joined the Chemogas-group in spring 2018.

As such, the Chemogas-group is specialized in the filling, blending, worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of a well-defined portfolio of packaged chemical gases and related services. Including waste treatment and regeneration services for all types of chemicals from A-Z.

A growing and dedicated fleet of bulk-containers (5.000-40.000 ltr, each) allows us to serve “semibulk” and “bulk-volumes” to niche markets (e.g. Ammonia gas, Propylene polymer grade,…), which in practice and volume-wise are often considered too small to be attractive enough for certain multinational chemicals manufacturers. Chemogas closes this gap.

Our waste and regeneration activities are officially registred under Belgian law. Periodical internal audits and external controls apply under the supervision of Belgian authorities. Chemogas is the only authorized waste treatment company for packaged products in Belgium. These services are based on wet acid scrubbing units, as well as on our own thermal oxidation unit. Chemogas provides official waste treatment certificates, as proof of a safe and environmentally friendly treatment process.

With our all-new “multifunctional MF-bulk break station”, we offer contract filling and mixing services of chemical gases and liquids to third parties, (bulk to packaged, and packaged to packaged). This may include the filling of our customers’ own recipients, which are to be sent to our sites in Grimbergen or Kuala Lumpur. Our logistics department is skilled to organize shipments of customers’ goods to each country in the world.

With regard to almost any type of gas packaging, we take care of the evacuation of residual content within cylinders and containers, ranging from small lecture bottles, up to 40.000 ltr-tanks, before periodical re-testing of low and high pressure packaging is going to be effected.

In-house services, such as maintenance and repair of gas packaging, laboratory analysis and third party storage on our 7.000 m2, fully licenced warehouse area are completing our product portfolio.

The Chemogas engineering department will be happy to design turn-key, tailor-made gas fillingand mixing stations, with adapted wet acid gas scrubbing technology.

In May 2019 Balchem Corporation (NASDAQ: BCPC) acquired Chemogas, NV. With this acquisition, Balchem significantly expands its geographic presence in the packaged ethylene oxide market, enabling the company to offer worldwide service and support to its medical device sterilization customers. The Chemogas sites in Europe and Asia will form a global network of facilities when combined with Balchem’s sites in the United States, making Balchem the clear global leader in the critical supply of ethylene oxide to the medical device sterilization industry.

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