Welcome of our CEO

Welcome from our CEO, Dirk Battig
Chemogas NV, Belgium
Chemical Gases & Waste Treatment

WELCOME to our company, Dear Visitor - we appreciate a lot you are being interested in Chemogas.

“WORLDWIDE SUPPLIES OF PACKED CHEMICAL GASES & RELATED SERVICES” – this always has been our passion – and this year, 2015, we will celebrate our 40 years anniversary.

YOU, our Dear Customer, deserve OUR GREAT THANKS, since you made this anniversary come true.

WE, this means the entire Chemogas-Team, will continue to offer you our utmost attention, never mind which question you would have, to keep you satisfied - in order to may share at least another decade of joy while working for you…

YOU and US – we pride our business relationship to be unbeatable, as we share the values of an open and honest communication and cooperation.

THEREFORE, our DEAR CUSTOMER, may I PERSONALLY INVITE YOU to get me and my Team involved into your requests, wishes and possible concerns. Since, where-ever all of us like to continue to do our best – as we all are human beings, it might happen, that you could demand slightly different things from us.
Based on this open communication with you, please guide us managing your expectations, which undoubtedly builds a strong and long-lasting partnership – for many more years in common.
This is what makes us happy – WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY !

Dirk Battig
Chemogas NV