Stainless steel tanks - state of the art EtO-bulk break
Our storage area in the past
2nd floor of new office building
EtO filling and blendig station end of the 90's
3 Chemogas CEO's
Our Ammonia anhydrous filling station, N2, CO2 and Propylene oxide tanks in the 90's
Meeting room on 1st. floor, comp. restaurant ground floor
Container and cylinder storage place in the 90's
Two of our European trucks
CEO's B. Fortuyn & D. Battig at the inauguration ceremony (June 1999)
International waste treatment services with state of the art facilities
The entrance
Our first EtO-filling and blending station
Daniel, Dirk & Willy - proud of our new offices (1999)
Press report "Hoek Loos takes over Chemogas"
View on the front parking
Our first offices in Grimbergen / Belgium (1980 - 1997)
Service hall - cylinder retesting workshop
Sea containers loading in the early days
TOI - Thermal Oxidation Installation - the heart of our Waste Treatment Department
Carine, Else, Guy & Willy or our Procurement, Sales & Logistics departments (1999)
Our first Ethylene oxide cylinder preparation department
Year 2000 - state of the art production site and office building
We ship to more than 70 countries
Only 30 km from port of Antwerp (in the north)
Works ahead for new infrastructure on site Grimbergen
All major buildings modernized
A new entrance control
New site infrastructure
Belgian team of Chemogas in the 80's
Service hall accomplished (above offices)
Improved sea container loading
Modernization of our storage area
Restructured new storage area
A new drive way
Chemogas on a Belgian foreign trade mission with HRH Prince Filip (today King of Belgium) in 1997 - on a press conference in Ankara
Chemogas - a strong team... we win for you!
Further improved EtO bulk break-centre
Ground break new offices
Propylene oxide filling station end 90's
The tank farm for EtO and Propylene oxide
The bulk tans EtO in phase-I-stage